"I think you are filling a gap in the humanitarian world." 

    -  Serena Borsani, Education Coordinator for Lebanon, International Rescue Committee, Lebanon
​​ August 2017. Serena's team at the IRC have been working with Kitabna books in Informal Tented Settlements (ITS) and Double-Shift Schools (DSS) in Lebanon since 2014.

    -  Norwegian Refugee Council, Jordan
​August 2017

Kitabna books for communities affected by war

    -  BBC, Northern Ireland 
​September 2019

​​"Kitabna named NGO Of The Month" 
- The International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE), Switzerland
December 2017

"After escape from ISIS, Yazidi children turn new page with books"  

- Al-Arabiya, Iraqi Kurdistan
February 2016

"Projeto estimula leitura entre crianças refugiadas no Iraque"  

Fohla de Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 2016

“Finding Readers in Syria’s Lost Generation”  
- Artraker, UK
September 2015

“‘The Giant Watermelon’ : un livre éducatif pour les enfants syriens"  
- Agenda Culturel, Beirut, Lebanon
December 2014

“Seeds of change”  

- Bookanista, UK
​December 2014