Title: Die riesige wassermelone
Languages: Arabic / German

Price: GBP £4.00

​The Kitabna Project was donated e-publication software by 3D Issue to create e-book versions of our books. This was our initial way of making the project both financially sustainable and something that people in the wider global community who are concerned about the education of refugees can connect with. Do you love reading? So do we, and so do the children we are distributing to. All proceeds go straight into our Kitabna Paypal account and on towards the printing and distribution of our books to displaced communities. This means that when you buy your e-book or donate to our project, more and more children can open their hard copies of Kitabna books.

Title: Esraa's Stories
Languages: Arabic / English
Price: GBP £4.00

Title: The Giant Watermelon

Languages: Arabic / English

Price: GBP £4.00

أنت تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية ؟

​يرجى الانتظار لفترة أطول قليلا ل دينا الكتب الإلكترونية مع تسجيلات !الإنجليزية من القصة حتى تتمكن من ممارسة القراءة الخاصة بك

Learning Arabic?
Are you learning Arabic? Our e-books could be an excellent way to learn formal Arabic alongside English, German or French.

​Kitabna currently has 5 books available for purchase. Our books have been procured by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the Norwegian Refugee Council, the International Rescue Committee, World Vision, Save the Children International and many other actors in the regional refugee response for Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. ​

If you are an individual or organisation working with refugees or
displaced communities and wish to procure our books, please contact us at info@kitabna.org with your needs.
​Our current prices are:

  • £4 per book for orders of 1000+
  • £5 per book for orders of 50+
  • £7 per book for orders of <50

All books can be ordered using the contact form here.

For commercial purchase our books are currently available in:
Librarie Antoine bookshops in Lebanon 
l'Institut des Cultures Arabs et Mediterraneennes in Geneva, Switzerland.  

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What will you receive? 

​When you purchase any Kitabna e-book we will email you your unique login to our online interactive e-book of the original book within 24 hours. You can login and access this whenever you like.

A great gift!

Would you like to send your Kitabna e-book as a gift for someone special? Send us their email address and we will  email them an e-book on their special day! 

"When you buy your e-book, we get  our book!''

Title: The Cat's Family
Languages: Arabic / English
Price: GBP £4.00

Title: La pastèque géante
Languages: Arabic / French
Price: GBP £4.00

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