Donations and e-book sales: 7% of income received by the project came from donations and e-book sales from this website.

Commercial sales: 4%
of income came from commercial sales of our books in bookstores and private sales.

NGO sales: 89% of income came from sales of our books to NGOs working in the refugee response.

Book delivery: <1% of funds was spent on book delivery.

Team expenses: 18% of funds was spent on team expenses, for distribution and outreach
Translation fees: 7% of funds was spent on the vital translation of our books from English into Arabic and Kurdish.
Website fees: 1% of funds was spent on website fees, to keep our followers updated and to expand our outreach. 

Book production: 74% of funds was spent on book production, from illustration to design to print.

Financial transparency
In Kitabna we respect financial transparency in our partners in the humanitarian field. In 2015, Kitabna was registered as a non-profit business in the United Kingdom and pays income tax on all proceeds. By adopting a "non-profit" business model, we aim to safeguard both  the integrity of our vision and the creative process by remaining an independent publishing  initiative.

In the financial year 2015/16, this was a breakdown of our funds and spending.

1) How the project received funds:


2) How the project spent funds: