'Yalla! Pour les enfants Syriens' is a small project helping two refugee schools in Lebanon. Since early 2015, The Giant Watermelon and other Kitabna books have been read with Syrian children from four different age groups at the Yalla! school in Aley, a town situated between Beirut and the Beqaa Valley. Our partnership includes: distributing books to Yalla!’s school in Aley; a potential book of the children’s stories developed with the Kitabna 4-session plan; Yalla! using our e-books to fundraise directly for their schools, rewarding donors with e-books and for large donations, rewarding with hard copies of our books. 

Please visit their website to read more about their inspiring work. We share Yalla's goal of preparing Syrian children for reintegration into Lebanese schools, and Syrian schools when they eventually return to Syria.

Would you like to partner with us or join the project? Just send us an email.

Children writing stories in a Kitabna workshop, Aley, 2015

Our partners and distribution...

We are proud to work alongside our partners in the Middle East and the UK, and hope to build more partnerships as the project develops. Since Kitabna started in September 2014, we have distributed over 13,900 books. Alongside our independent distribution to informal tented refugee settlements in Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine, and Syria, Kitabna has sold books to international and national NGOs in as follows:

  • The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • Save the Children International
  • The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
  • The International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • Najdeh Association
  • Al Jana mobile librairies for Palestinian camps in Beirut
  • World Vision
  • Concern
  • War Child
  • AVSI
  • The Red Cross (New Zealand)
  • The AMAR Foundation

We are always looking out for new partners, and welcome commission and book orders. If you work with displaced children and would like to order our books, please do not hesitate to contact us.