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Since starting out in Beirut in 2014, over 20,000 Kitabna books have been shared with children in displacement. Kitabna now has 12 children's book titles in print, with editions in English, Arabic, Kurdish Sorani, French, German and Turkish. More recently our work has started to focus more on providing a platform for voices in displacement through our story-writing workshops with teachers and children in Jordan, Israel-Palestine and Syria. Our online platform for sharing these co-created stories is The Kitabna Online Library, where anyone can download e-books with audio text accompaniment and soundscapes for free. You can also buy paperback copies here on our website.

In the UK our books are available to read at The British Library, The Bodleian Library Oxford University, The Cambridge University Library, The National Library of Scotland, The National Library of Wales, and in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin. 

You may have wondered where our logo comes from: a collection of children sat on top of a book, inside a postage stamp. This was because Kitabna set out to share children's books as educational tools when formal education was unavailable in refugee camps - sending solidarity through stories. Now we help organisations and people all over the world to do the same!

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Kitabna is a publishing initiative which builds on local storytelling practices and creative peacebuilding to develop safe spaces with  communities affected by war. This has manifested in several ways: as multilingual illustrated children’s books, story-writing workshops, co-created stories and the development of psychosocial educational tools with INGOs, schools and civil society actors.

​Based in the UK, Kitabna's legal form is a community interest company (CIC), which means we work as a non-profit with communities displaced by conflict in Syria, Lebanon, Israel-Palestine, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan, Jordan and across Europe. We have no political or religious affiliation and are self-funded through book sales and consultancies.​

Kitabna كتابنا means

"our book" in Arabic