Every day stories of remarkable courage

In the wake of COVID-19, people across the world have shown remarkable resilience. This year, in 2021, we want to share some of those amazing stories, and support beautiful minds across the world with our publishing platform. Support our Solidarity Series with a suggested donation of £1 to read a beautiful story about someone's every-day resilience in difficult times, illustrated in full watercolour and made available as a digital book and downloadable as a print-ready PDF. These books are published under Creative Commons licence, which means they can be printed, adapted and translated to meet your community needs. This commitment to CC builds on the momentum of Helen's work on My Hero is You: how kids can fight COVID-19!, which was translated into over 150 languages in the pandemic. 

We will put 75% of your donation towards the cause specified by our author. The other 25% will go back into the running of Kitabna.

Kitabna - Our Book is a community interest company (CIC), which means we are a non-profit company, so any profit we receive goes straight back into our work of developing and sharing resources which share values of equality, hope and cross-cultural understanding. You can read more here about our legal form and community objects.

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Story 2: Father, friend, beloved
Beautiful tips on staying home and staying safe from Abdulrachman in Syria from his family's experience of living under ISIS occupation of their home city, Raqqa, for three years.

Donations will support vulnerable families in Syria affected by the February earthquake this year.
- Written during the 2020 pandemic

Solidarity Series

Story 1: Make of yourself a light 
- February 2023

Zeinab al Hajj is an activist living and working in Shatila Camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Inspired by her tireless activism in her community, and saddened by the ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon, and restrictions on Palestinian rights to work, this book is an attempt to do two things: share Zeinab’s unique vision of peace and love with the world, which lights up the hearts of those she supports, and also raise money to install solar panels in Shatila Camp. This will allow people to harness the energy of the sun and lessen their dependency on unreliable government electricity and expensive oil generators. 

This project, which starts in December 2022, is an act of solidarity between friends and peacebuilders. It is also a piece of memory work which we hope can archive the life of a woman who has survived statelessness and one of the worst massacres of the Lebanese Civil War, the Sabra and Shatila massacre of 1982. We hope you can help us transform Zeinab's energy into real energy for people living in Shatila.

If you liked Zeinab’s story, please donate to our campaign, Make of yourself a light, which seeks to use the power of everyday peace work and community assitance to raise money for the installation of solar panels in Shatila Camp, Beirut, Lebanon.
Donations will go directly to Zeinab to support vulnerable families in Palestinian communities in Lebanon.