Key Stage 3 graphic novel edition                When the Lights Go Out 2: Stories of the Roma

(English-Arabic)                                                  (English)

Co-created anthologies with Syrian communities in Jordan and Syria



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- Our 2022 English, Arabic, Pashto and Ukrainian series, "The magical glasses" >>>

- Our 2022 Arabic-French-English Libyan series, "Our stories, Our Libya" >>>

- Our 2021 Arabic-English Therapeutic Stories series,

"A first new friend", "The mountains in your hearts", "Where do you come from?" >>>

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The original 6 Kitabna books, written and illustrated for displaced communities in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Syria between 2014-2017  


Key Stage 1 edition                                                 Key Stage 2 edition        

(English-Arabic)                                                       (English-Arabic)

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"When the Lights Go Out" series, welcoming and celebrating newcomer communities in the UK - Irish, English and Syrian folklore woven into new tales in Arabic and English

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