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​​​​​​​​​​​​We are always looking for new ways to collaborate and share our creative methods with organisations and individuals supporting communities made vulnerable by conflict and disaster. Take a look at our Past projects and Where are we working now? to see what we do, and please reach out to us at 

For current vacancies, please see our Jobs page.

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The ways we work with people


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7) Donating our books to schools in refugee and host communities 

We understand that not everyone has the resources to buy our books

We encourage civil society organisations, schools and individuals working with displaced communities to contact us about our books regardless of whether or not they have the resources to buy them. We often make donations ranging from individual books to thousands, depending on your needs. 

The interview here shows how one headmaster teaching Syrian children at an informal education centre in Lebanon used a donation of 250 copies of The Cat's Family made in 2016.