Development of Solidarity Series - from October/November 2023

- Applications by 01/11/2022

We would like to launch our new fundraising concept, The Solidarity Series. This will involve sharing a story with a theme from our community, illustrated by us, with the hopes to fundraise specifically for certain projects, on monthly or quarterly basis. You can read about the basic concept, this page was designed for the website a couple of years ago and has been tinkered with but never launched: Our Solidarity Series. 

We are looking for a consultant to facilitate the launch, outreach and growth of the this project, and have some stories finished/in progress already, including:

- Amal the Spider, about a wayward house spider who ends up doing a forest cleanup. This has an environmental focus, so we'd be hoping to support an environmental org/charity. 

- Make of yourself a light, the life story of Zeinab a Palestinian woman who survived a massacre and works as an activist in her community in Beirut, Lebanon, trying to raise awareness of the need for solar panels in her community, which we'd be directly raising money for.

- The elephants and the village, a story written by children supported by a small NGO in Bangui, the Central African Republic, about elephants and humans living in a village who became enemies, and no longer talk to each other. This would be to raise money for a projector and education materials for their classrooms.

- Father, friend, beloved, the story of Abdulrachman, a man who survived the ISIS occupation of Raqqa, Syria, on how to take care of his family in uncertain times. With this story we could support the 2023 Syrian earthquake relief/rehabilitation of survivors.

If you could take a look at this, please pitch to us how you/your organisation would facilitate the outreach/growth of this project, accompanied by your CV, relevant experience and a comprehensive budget. 

Required experience: social media expertise, campaigns knowledge, graphic design capacities, language skills in English essential; preferred knowledge of Arabic and French

Deadline: Please send your pitch and requested information to us no later than 1st November, to - we look forward to hearing from you.

Publishing Officer - May 2021
Position filled.

Consulting Roster - opening July 2021​

Our 2021 consulting roster is now open to rolling applications. Our diverse and friendly team are always looking for independent consultants, specialists, artists, researchers and thinkers who we can call upon to support our projects. Please see the Our Team page for current team, and please write to Publishing Officer, Shannon Rayner, at with your current CV, your experience and your reasons for applying. We are currently open to consulting experience in:

- Child protection

- Gender analysis and distribution of resources
- Child psychology

- Educational psychology

- Editing and proofreading (English)
- Newcomer 

- Measurement and evaluation frameworks 

- Contextual understanding  (Libya, Northern Ireland, Turkey, Syria)

​​​​​Kitabna - Our Book is a community interest company (CIC), which means we hold non-profit status. Any profit we make from booksales and consultancies goes straight back into our work of developing and sharing resources which share values of equality, hope and cross-cultural understanding, as laid out in our Articles of Association. 

In order to do the work we do, we believe in supporting people financially so they can live, eat, plan and invest in their futures. As we grow and expand, we meet colleagues and friends along the way. If you would like to work for Kitabna, please keep an eye on this job's page, where any vacancies will be listed below.